VOL. 3, NO. 2 (August, 2015)

doi: 10.14658/URF-3-2


Editoriale 3-2
pages 1-5.


Luca Corti, Will Dudley (ed.), Hegel and History
pages 63-67.
Simone Grigoletto, Ronald Dworkin, Religion without God
pages 80-85.
Valentina Braido, Richard M. Sainsbury, Fiction and Fictionalism
pages 168-172.
Franca Bacco, Leo Schaya, La dottrina sufica dell’Unità
pages 173-177.
Alessia Giacone, Olivier Tinland, L’idéalisme hégélien
pages 189-192.
Selene Iris Siddh Brumana, Francesco Verde, Epicuro
pages 203-207.